Tuesday, July 14, 2009

whale tail

on my last day in new zealand i wandered around christchurch and kept coming back to this main square where tons of handmade goods were being sold. i had my eye on this whale tail wine holder. i debated back and forth about buying it... could i fit it in my bag? do i need it? is it worth the money? i finally decided to do it right before i caught the shuttle to the airport. i'm so glad i did, i think it's my favorite thing i brought back, besides my photos...


Phil Pennington said...


I also saw this but decided not to get it as it was my first day in NZ... big mistake ive not seen it anywhere else! i dont suppose it says on it where its made does it?



*corinne said...

i don't have the box that it came in anymore... there is a sticker on it that says "handmade in new zealand from macrocarpa" (the type of wood). don't remember if i saw it anywhere else while i was in nz. if i'd seen it on my first day instead of my last i probably wouldn't have bought it then either!