Monday, July 13, 2009

i want to love you, PYT...

saturday was a wonderful summer day. i played soccer in the morning, a fastpaced, hot, good-humored game with boys and girls up by westmont. then i got crepes at the french festival with friends. i went to northstar cafe and played on my computer. then i saw the movie away we go by myself on a whim. then i had dinner at the habit by myself. then i met up with some friends at dargans pub. then we went to yogurtland. i was about to go home to bed, but then we decided to party, and, still in my outfit from the past eleven hours, we went to indochine and the dj played one of the best sets anywhere in months. we danced forever. we did funny moves. we pumped our fists. we would try to take a break and then have to come running back since "this song is my jam!"

i don't have a single photo of any of it.

so i'll put one from sunday, which was unbelievably amazing too. there is nothing like sitting out on the ocean, alone in a kayak, looking back to the shore at your gorgeous hometown and friends playing paddleball and knowing that this is not your vacation. this is your life. this is my life.


Kristine said...

Did we attend the French Festival together one year? Love it. Wish I could come visit and take part in all your lovely, fun summer activities.

*corinne said...

i do believe we did! there's also a greek festival coming up i think, we might have done that one too. miss you too.