Thursday, September 4, 2008

True to Type

Like the little INFP that I am, this week I've performed true to type in these ways...

Acting on my preference for Introversion, I skipped soccer practice (which I rarely do) because I just wasn't in the mood to exercise around people...and I'd been having a headache that day so I decided I deserved the chance to act on my natural impulse and go running alone at City College. It was the right choice, and the alone time energized me when I'd felt so drained all day.

I've been obsessively seeking to understand the concepts and ideologies that drive the two presidential candidates, and how those might shape the future. To figure out ideas, theory, and abstract the future possibilities are tasks that are driven by your Intuitive side, whether you prefer it or not. I'm adding to the research and observation I've already done this past year by reading everything about them I can find, watching interviews with them on Youtube, and studiously observing their speeches from the past week to know what drives them personally, how their personalities shape their beliefs and interactions and relationships, and why they believe what they believe... and then how these things might shape 2009 through 2012. It's a fascinating journey and in Sensing fashion, I plan to cover all the details and leave no stone unturned.

I saw Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants three or so years ago on a whim with Lesley for a midweek girls night out. I expected to find it cheesy. It was, but I also found it lovely and I laughed and cried. Ever since I heard the second one was coming out I really wanted to recreate that sentimental experience with whatever girlfriends I could, and I've been making Feeling-based decisions all month in order to do so...skipping opportunities to see it alone when it would be cheaper and convenient, and taking a chance that it would still be playing the next weekend...since I'd rather just not see it than not get to have the sentimentality to enhance my viewing pleasure. I know I'm a freak...but I can't wait for the cheesy but lovely sequel that I've held out for until tonight when we finally got some girls together.

Early on Sunday morning after a crazy night and little sleep, Christen and I woke up at my house and grabbed beach bags with a change of clothes and hit the road for L.A., where we planned to first go to church in Bel Air, but had no plans for what would happen next and if we'd come back that day or the the true P fashion that she and I are so good at. We had a spontaneous and fun second half of Labor Day weekend, and I hadn't imagined that I wouldn't get back to SB until after sunset on Monday... on the train.

And then like the NP (sometimes scattered, oblivious to objects) that I am, here's what I did yesterday... on my way home for lunch, I was waiting to make a left-hand turn and as I did, the car behind me did a short "beep!" and I looked back to see a lady gesticulating urgently. She wasn't pointing down at my car, so it didn't seem like she was pointing at something like a broken light or flat tire or anything... I wrote it off as that she was just annoyed that I didn't turn soon enough. Then I got home and remembered that as I'd gotten into my car at work I'd put a saran wrapped hunk of fresh mozzarella cheese (which I'd had at work to put on my rice cakes for breakfast, naturally) on the roof of my car as I loaded other stuff in... and never picked it up again. Oh.... that's what she was pointing at. I ran back out to see if it had made it home on my roof, but of course it was long gone. Bummer.

How have you been true to type lately? I'm guessing it doesn't include a lost ball of mozzarella or any traveling pants.


Lesley Miller said...

Considering I can't ever remember my type, I'm not sure if I've remained true. However, I've been terribly busy these days and it's not been good for my type.

In the past I've had nothing in the evenings except maybe an occasional bible study. The last few months I've had something every Tues and Wed and every weekend I've been out of town. My introvert side was going crazy! I was bitchy and yelling at everyone-- stressed out all the time, and generally just haven't been happy. All because I needed time alone!!

So, this weekend I mostly just hung out and enjoyed me time. And I feel so much better! It's amazing! In 2009, when I reset goals for myself, I plan to remember that while it's tempting to try and be everything, to everyone, it won't work for my personality.

Courtney said...


guess what? aaron's an ENTJ and i'm an ESFJ. isn't that opposite to what we proposed? (usually the middle two letters are the same in relationships that are "smooth"...) interesting. i took it several times on different sites and worked to find what i really was. anyways...

it was great to see you! love you.


*corinne said...

Thanks for the comment. That is definitely interesting about your types. Just goes to show, as MB theory does say, that any two people who are mature and well-balanced can have a great relationship no matter their type. I'll email you some sites to look at for your types.