Friday, September 26, 2008

September Born

"You know, even if she weren't my Mom, I would go out of my way to be friends with her."

Both my sister and I gave our mom something with those words on it for her birthday today. The same designer made each item (a card and a magnet), and we came across and bought the items separately, unbeknownst to each other.

Not every girl is so lucky to have a mother such as ours.

She is thoughtful. Every summer when we would go away to camp for a week she would hide letters in our bags that read on the envelopes, "Open on Tuesday!", and "Wait til Thursday for this one!"

She is adventurous and fun. We once spent two weeks together in Costa Rica at language school and she was an ideal travel companion... game for white water rafting, charming the teachers at our school, suggesting we have spontaneous happy hour after a beach afternoon, and getting on the dance floor with me to salsa on Ladies Night at El Banco Bar.

She has consistency of virtue and integrity. Too many examples to list.

She is smart. She got the highest score in her junior class on the PSAT in high school, got perfect scores on tests for proofreading and math and logic when applying for jobs after having us three kids (surprising herself and her interviewers, who'd never had people get 100% before), and kept an A average in gaining her Bachelors Degree while working full-time.

And she's gorgeous. I've heard it all my life (most recently from my landlord, who called her a "vision") and I'm sure I'll hear it for the rest of hers.

Happy Birthday, Mom!


Kristine said...

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Lesley Miller said...


This is such a beautiful post that I truly loved reading. It says a lot about both you and your mother that you have such a good relationship.

SportsFan's Daughter said...

Such a touching post. I have been thinking about your "Eat Pray Love" post since you wrote it and specifically your point about how your parents always made it clear who was in charge (them) and how much they loved you (immeasurably). You clearlt have a special relationship with your mom and I can't wait to hear more about the weekend.

Patricia said...


Just thought I'd catch up with your posts...and read this one 5 days after you wrote it on my birthday!...while we were having our lovely weekend in Carmel. Thank you, mi hija. I am so touched and quite humbled. I treasure each word. I not only love you immeasurably, I like you tons and delight in the person you are. Like I always told you kids - I'm so lucky to be your mom!