Monday, August 25, 2008

Sunday Funday

What makes a Sunday awesome:

-Starting it off with a leisurely 2 hour brunch at Summerland Beach Cafe with friends.

-Moving on to a 3 hour session at East Beach, complete with a little bit of softball played with seaweed, swimming, and chocolate milkshakes from the Grill. The perfect breeze was blowing to keep the heat at bay.

-Going straight from the beach with wet bathing suits under our clothes and sand on our feet to a 4 hour-plus meal at Endless Summer Bar Cafe at the harbor...where we enjoy salmon tacos, salty popcorn sprinkled with lime juice, live music, about a half an hour of Myers Briggs discussion with a couple of my best friends- Casey & Christen- both ENFPs, and a cheery smart-ass server who knows some of my friends and therefore brings us an endless supply of margaritas. You know you're having a good time when you get somewhere before 4, don't leave til after 8, and don't think to look at your phone once to see the time or if someone else called.

What makes a Sunday interesting:

-Starting it off realizing I locked my car key in my car the night before, calling for Geico's trusty roadside assistance, and after the mechanic saves the day and opens my door and then takes off, I look and see that my car key wasn't actually in my coin purse that I'd left on the front seat, but in my overnight bag that I'd had with me all along and checked twice.

-After continually giving me crap for taking two hours to finish my first drink, a bit of banter back & forth, and later introducing himself by saying, "I should know your name since I've been flirting with you", the aforementioned server gives me a side hug goodbye and says quietly, "Sorry for giving you a hard time, I've actually developed a crush on you, I wish you didn't have to leave."
And what do I do before he ducks away to get to his next table? Laugh with surprise as I pull the tip of my straw fedora over my eyes...and then leave.

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Kristine said...

After a line like that, you didn't give him your number??? Corinne Elizabeth!

*corinne said...

Yeah I know, but throw me a bone here... he didn't ask for it. And he ducked away almost right away. What's a girl to do if the guy doesn't ask? Not to mention I got the sense that I wasn't the first girl to hear that from this guy...

SportsFan's Daughter said...

Just to put it in writing:

What kind of idiot are you that you didn't give him your number? Just leave one of your dope-ass business cards on the table, duh.

Also, what kind of idiots are your friends that they didn't MAKE that happen? You know if my overbearing ass had been at that table with you that waiter would have gone home with your cell #, work #, blog address, MB type, a MB type test for him to complete and return to me by Monday, and a John Mayer greatest hits album.

Casey said...

first of all... what? i had no idea he did that!! he is a super cool guy FYI and i can't believe you happened to "leave that out" of any conversation thereafter. i left the bar before that took place (unfortunately) and we will be returning to endless very very soon!! i like a little bit of a pause... it adds a dramatic effect. so, next time you show up it will be awesome =)