Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sweet Sixteen

Two of my oldest and dearest friends have their 26th birthdays this week. Tara, I'm a bad friend and thought about your birthday in the days before, and forgot to give you good wishes the day of. Kristine, your card is in the mail but coming late. Typical.

Writing Kristine's card today I realized that I've been wishing these friends birthday wishes for so so long, since we were 15 turning 16 (Tara, maybe even before that!). In honor of these seasoned friendships, here are some choice moments from a decade ago as we were turning sixteen and shortly thereafter...If you would humor me with one of yours that would like totally be awesome.

*** Tara and I went to Japan and performed for their Prince and thousands of others in a handbell choir, along with a hundred other choirs from around the world. Yes, handbells. We were good. And we got to tour Japan and see Mount Fuji. Tara and I rang bells for all four years of high school. You should hear our CD. And yes, we've heard each and every way you can make fun of us.

Tara & I at a lookout point right by Mt. Fuji

***Kristine and another friend put together a surprise party for my 16th birthday. I have never been more surprised in my life. I mean I was shaking from the shock for the next hour. There were so many friends there despite it being a weeknight, and I had had no clue. I've hardly ever felt so special. I was given a surprise party for my 19th birthday too, but after my roommate left the guest list and location on my desk accidentally days before, along with other numerous obvious clues from indiscreet but lovely friends, there was unfortunately not a single element of surprise in that party. I put on a good act though. Anyhow, a day after my sixteenth birthday I had my first kiss. A sweet sixteen in every sense of the word.

Kristine & Lisa, the planners, and a still stunned me, who looked awkward in many of the first photos of the party as I took it all in.

***On New Years Eve Kristine and I were really frustrated with our boyfriends, who were also best friends. Once the boys took off we decided to have a sort of psychological cleansing ritual to get us back in a more positive mindset towards them. We, along with our friend Kelli who was dating the third leg of the trio of boys, wrote out a list of the things that our boyfriends did that annoyed us. Then, we went out to the backyard and took turns yelling to the moon a few of our frustrations. And then, we got a fire going and burned the lists of grievances. To get rid of the negative energy, obviously. And then we each wrote a list of things we liked about our boyfriends. By that point we had smiles on our faces. I laugh at this story, it's hilarious to me really, but maybe there was something to our dramatic teenage method of self-help. Did any of you do anything like this... anyone... no?

And there we are, the boyfriends and us at our prom. You know you love our gloves.


Lesley Miller said...

At Erin's Sweet 16 Party I remember that I had this HUGE cyst on my face. I had just gone to the dermatologist that morning and they'd shot it with cortisone so it was oozy and nasty and REALLY REALLY noticeable. I had to tell everyone at the party what it was which was ulta embarrasing.

I remember your 21st b-day in Taize. We were all really concerned for you that the location wasn't ideal for a 21st b-day celebration. All I really remember is singing to you at dinner and you looked super cute in the crown we made you wear.

Fun times...

Megan Stichter said...

i want to see more old school pictures. those provided me LOTS of great entertainment. love it!

*corinne said...

Your story is mortifying. You get props for showing up at the party, which I'm not so sure I would have done! Great Sweet Sixteen memory.

You asked for it. I just got my scanner working so stay tuned.

Kristine said...

Sixteen. It feels like a decade ago. Oh wait, it was. I have a lot of memories of turning 16: going to Vegas with Cari but wishing so bad that I could take you instead, getting back together with Brad, starting our junior year which turned out to be my favorite. Was that the summer where we saw each other almost every day? I imagine there were a couple of summers like that. Corinne, in so many ways, you are my BEST friend. I loved your card, I loved your blog, and I love you.

*corinne said...

Oh and Lesley, I meant to comment that my 21st was awesome! Not only did all of you sing me happy bday, but I heard it in 3 different languages from other groups there during dinner. Also I think it snowed that morning briefly outside as I was washing dishes! Then we led that worship circle for all those friends we'd made that night in the tent, and it was practically magical. Plus, its a great story to tell that I turned 21 in a monastic community in the French countryside. ;)

Tara said...

I'm late to comment, but thanks for the shoutout! :-) And holy old picture! Ah, the hair. Thankfully I've learned to not wear jeans with that high of a waist.

Love you! (So how are the Phoenix plans coming??)

Linette said...

Great work.