Thursday, August 7, 2008

what's in my head

Random thoughts while reading the following quotes from Olympic athletes...

"It's the Olympics. If you can't get up to swim in the morning, don't go."
- Swimmer Michael Phelps, on finals being scheduled for the morning, Beijing time.
(makes sense to me. hmm he's matter-of-fact, no nonsense, dedicated and successful. i bet he's an SJ.)

"It's very awkward and weird. I train six to eight hours a day to be the best athlete that I can be for my team and my country, and then people want to talk about my looks...I don't feel like a celebrity. I'm still just a little dork."
- Softball player Jennie Finch, on her off-field fame.
(okay, i can see how that's frustrating, but come on, you know what you're doing, Jennie... bleach blonde highlights and posing for the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated.)

"I would compare myself to those sprinters that do a lot of chest pumping or yelling, who are pretty intense or get pretty hyped. I would consider myself exactly like them, except I keep it all inside instead. I'm nervous before the race but I'm like a quiet hyped person. I don't really let it out or say explode until the gun is shot and that's when I really want to show all my excitement. But during the race, I kind of keep it all to myself."
- Sprinter Tyson Gay, on bottling his emotions until the start of a race.
(no doubt he's introverted. that he even uses the phrase 'keep it all to myself' outs him. outward expressions like chest pumping or yelling to express emotion or hype yourself up are totally more (but not exclusive to, of course) in the realm of extroverts... like that loud softball pitcher we played against in high school who grunted and yelled all the time.)

"I think with her own family she's competitive, everybody. Like if she was racing for an ice cream cone with a little kid, she'd probably push the kid out of the way."
- Beach volleyball player Misty May-Treanor, on her teammate Kerri Walsh.
(well i guess that's how you become a world champion. anna q, you acknowledge that you're super competitive, would you push a little kid out of the way if you were both racing towards a bowl of mac n cheese as big as your pool table?)


SportsFan's Daughter said...

Heck yes I would.

*corinne said...

atta girl.

Anonymous said...

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