Monday, December 29, 2008

an overdue purge

I'm feeling remarkably unsentimental today. Such a thing is rare for me, so it coincided well with tonight's plan for a closet purge. This was first on my to-do list upon coming home from the Bay Area for Christmas, since when I was packing clothes to go up there I became disgusted with how much clothing I have that I don't wear and/or kinda forget about. I did a purge when I moved into the studio in May but it was clearly time for another deeper purge.

So I think I created this post to say goodbye to certain items... which I guess is sentimental, but let me tell you, throwing/giving them away in these two big trash bags is a huge thing for this INFP. I just have a tendency to hang on too long to that which means a lot to me.


-ugly long-sleeved Page B section shirt from freshman year

-pajama boxers i got in 9th grade

-reef sandals i wore through sophomore & junior year of college

-almost all of my button-up "business" shirts...when i started working full-time after college, for awhile I though it meant you had to wear boring dress pants and button-up shirts. i never liked how those looked on me. i'm over it now and actually try to wear clothes i love and are somewhat stylish to the office. makes the workday much more enjoyable.

-tank tops from Thailand I paid to have handpainted. probably only ever wore those like twice.

-the abercrombie jeans i wore probably 2 out of every 3 days on Europe Semester. i hated them from pretty early on... but i haven't been able to throw them out. they are way too big now, thank goodness, and i think its high time they go.

-the darling little dress from the boutique in Montecito i worked at the summer before senior year of college...the owner gave me it as a parting gift, i'd been admiring it for weeks. i never wore it, it always just looked silly on me, try as i might each year to see if it changed. too bad.

-roxy cargo pants i bought in Waikiki on our high school senior graduation trip to Hawaii... i LOVE these. probably the hardest thing to get rid of.

-tennis team tank top from high school

-the t-shirt i got for completing the sprint triathlon two summers ago...i'd like to wear it as a badge of honor but i hate event shirts and never wear them, especially if they are white.

-black workout tank top with "Rinne" on the front in large rhinestones. my friends and i from suite K in Van Kampen Hall made these together sophomore year. shoot, as i'm typing this i realize i can't do it. it went back in my closet.

-a tshirt from Thailand with broken english on the front

-ribbed cute shirt from a gift shop in Ensenada, Mexico that all the girls on our construction team bought together and took a photo in. yeah, never wore that again.

-several items i bought at H&M in Europe, five years ago... haven't been able to throw them out yet, i mean hello, H&M in Europe...

-short denim jean skirt from american eagle that has not only been out of style and not my style for a few years now but also probably too young for me... that happens i guess.

Whew, I feel a lot better after that. And my closet looks great.


Lesley Miller said...

This might sound silly...but my mom made tshirt blankets for my sister and brother when they graduated college. She used all their event tshirts and sewed them together. Perfect for a beach day. I'm now saving my event/running tshirts for a blanket. That way I don't have to throw them out plus they have future use! :)

RIP H&M clothes. I know how much you were loved.

Kristine said...

I'm cracking up. I'm also realizing that as good as I am about throwing things out (I go through my closet every 3 months or so), I CANNOT bring myself to throw away my Euro Sem jeans. Just two days ago I contemplated it again but, alas, they're still in my drawer.

*corinne said...

I love that, Lesley! Wish I could have had something done like that...since I know I'd never pull it off myself. Show me your blanket once it's made one day.