Wednesday, November 26, 2008

300 Miles To Go

Personality theory in relation to Myers Briggs says that an INFP operates primarily by the function of Introverted Feeling. In theory,
every type has a first and second function they use for understanding and deciding most everything.
It basically means my default mode of processing is to sift things through my head, privately, quietly, through the screen of my personal values and feelings, categorizing ideas and thoughts and decisions, figuring out what things mean, how I feel about them, and what I am to do about it. It can get irritating that my mind is never quiet... but not when I have a nearly five hour drive ahead of me.

To say that the past four days have given me lots to process is an extreme understatement. So, luckily, for this drive I've got my Bon Iver, enough rain to keep me contemplative, Christen driving her car in front of mine to lead the way, and plenty to feed my introverted feeling function for the exactly 300 miles I have ahead of me.

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SportsFan's Daughter said...

You know that not even a tiny molecule of my body is jealous of a solo 5 hour road trip. Glad that you're all fueled up, though, both literally and figuratively. Happy trails, and keep those eyes on the road.