Tuesday, November 18, 2008

our mascot is the warrior

All credit goes to Emily for catching wind of this article and posting it, but I had to give it a post as well. It's a must-read!

It's about the Westmont Men's Soccer Team who played a game yesterday at Azusa Pacific, who let them postpone the game from Saturday to recover from the Tea Fire.

To have been able to attend Westmont is one of the biggest blessings in my life. It continues to affect me in profound ways, particularly in regards to the amazing community that I get to be a part of for the rest of my life. I'm so proud of how the students, staff, faculty, and alumni have come together to handle the fire devastation.

Until today, I've been a little emotionally detached regarding the Tea Fire, some sort of unshakable optimism got a hold of me early on, even as I watched the fire rage on from my backyard, even as I heard news of what had been lost at Westmont. But now in the aftermath the personal stories are coming out... the young agent in our office who is 8 months pregnant and she and husband lost everything, including the specially prepared nursery with tons of baby gifts and supplies...the family who had time only to throw some things like their silverware collection into their pool before they had to flee their dream home, which burned to the ground. I have watched flames attack my house before, but was lucky to have been spared from losing anything that mattered very much. I can't imagine actually having everything you own be reduced to ash.

Luckily, no one lost their loved ones, which of course, as one agent was reminded and shared with us at today's meeting, are the only thing you really need as you drive away to escape the wall of flame that looks to next engulf your home.

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