Monday, June 16, 2008

My Hood.

My new neighborhood is darling. Since I moved it I've been wanting to take some photos of my favorite houses nearby and post them, and kept not finding the time. Finally, although the lighting at sunset isn't ideal for my little camera, I just did it on my walk a couple evenings ago. So pardon the brightness in some of the photos, but I introduce to you now some of The Cutest & Nicest Houses Within 3 Blocks of My New Place... Pick your favorite. And maybe one of them is the one that has my studio attached to it in back. ;)







9 ~ This house has a mailbox that matches the house itself to scale, see both photos! Didn't get a great shot of the life size house though.




So cute, all of them. The kind of neighborhood that makes you want to get out and walk around.

Here's one more of the neighborhood and one of the gorgeous purple jacaranda trees that surround me too...


Lesley Miller said...

Ooooo i know where you live now!! Want to know a silly secret? When I worked at BigSpeak I used to run over to that neighborhood on my lunch break for exercise! Please tell-- which one is yours?!

Tara said...

I don't know if I can pick one... I'm too busy drooling!

April said...

do you know that houses with matching miniature mail boxes have always fascinated me? so, i'm kinda hoping it is that one, but i am not going to get too hopefull, because what are the chances? meanwhile, i have a little story for you. i work with a know-it-all, who doesn't, but this guy is especially out of control. anyways, he is talking all about different personality types, so i asked him if he was familiar with myers-briggs. naturally, he responds with a half arrogant-half insulted yes. i ask him what his letters are. he says, (and i hope you love this as much as i do), "well," (sounding a touch nervous now) "i know i am an Influencer." apparently i looked at him like he was an idiot (can't imagine, right), so he says, "is that not a letter?"

*corinne said...

a, i bet he heard the word "influencer" in one of his personality tests he's taken in his life and hung on to that word ever since. i can only imagine the look on your face, ha!

well if you know my favorite number, then you know which one of the houses is mine...

April said...

held on to it indeed. his next guess (because i didn't provide the correct letters, not fun that way, just said he got it wrong, really fun that way), Leader. HA! super cute!! i love all the variety. and i mean that, b/c back home they just got track housing around the time i came to college, so that is what i am used to. minus the santa barbaraness, but i'm sure no one would notice...

Megan Stichter said...

number 8!!!

I know you already revealed it in a comment above, but I couldn't comment on your blog until I actually came over and saw for myself. I love your new place, NEIGHBOR! I like the sound of that:)