Friday, January 4, 2008


On New Year's Day I enjoyed this lovely sunset at Hendry's Beach. What a great way to kick off the year, especially one that I'm so excited about. I think this year is going to hold some great things, for me and others that I know as well. Plus, 8 has always been my favorite number, and I'm already getting excited just seeing 2008 everywhere! I'm serious.
I decided to be really intentional in laying out how I wanted the next year to look. I've had general New Year's goals before, but I'd been gathering ideas together for awhile and wanted to take some time to write them out on the first day of the year. I have a hard time being specific and nailing down when I want to accomplish certain goals. I'm working on that!
I think one of the biggest lessons that I have been learning since college (and hope that I finish learning by the time I'm out of my 20s!)is how important discipline is. I have it in some areas, not as much in others. In church the other day the pastor quoted Henri Nouwen saying, "What discipline will help me remain faithful to my choice?" So, what habit do I need to form, or break, in order to get something done or achieve my goal? One habit I'm working to establish is that of being able to just do it. No waiting until the perfect time, no holding off until I feel ready or in the mood...If I can nail that one, wow, that would be half the battle right there.

So anyway. I'll name a few of my goals for 2008... most of them I'll leave for myself and just a couple others to see posted in my room.
* I want to read at least a book a month. Lately I get so absorbed with google reader and magazine articles that I don't seek out books from my list. Well, here I go.
* I plan on visiting my friends & family in other cities that I've been meaning to for awhile, which includes the Bamfords in Phoenix, the Millers (etc.) in Sacramento my grandparents outside of Sacramento, and my dad's side of the family up in Oregon.
* Get to know the Bible better with Lesley.
* Write on here at least once a week. That was my goal originally but I haven't yet met it.
* Plan for an adventure for the second half of this year. Working on a couple different ideas. Time to travel again.
* Incorporate more fruits and vegetables into my meals and snacks. Hello, Tri-County Produce, you'll be seeing me more often.

I'll finish with this photo of an affirmation that Mary, who I work with, does with her husband. They have a great relationship and are excellent and being intentional and setting goals for their lives. They do affirmations together every Saturday morning. Accountability and inspiration in the form of your partner... I love it.


Megan Stichter said...

Just do it! How did Nike come up with that before me? ha ha!! Anyway, I'm liking the list, even though we've already discussed:) I'll be sure to help hold you accountable.

Lesley Miller said...

can't wait to see you this year in Sacramento...bring your bible and we'll discuss while doing something exciting around me some time I'll figure something out.