Sunday, June 1, 2008

I Can't Resist...

Of course I saw the movie on opening night, and it was wonderful.
Great stories thrive because they have main characters that are very different yet complementary to one another. Sex and the City is no different. So since I have these four ladies on the mind, and because I love applying knowledge of a person or character's type to my understanding of them, here we go...*

Samantha, Charlotte, Miranda, and Carrie embody the four main temperaments
within Myers Briggs... SPs, SJs, NTs and NFs. Let's see:

She's fun-loving, realistic, bold, spontaneous, independent, completely in the present, and loves action and people. She is the classic SP, a Sensation-Seeker. Her full type is likely ESTP.
More Here on SPs


Was there ever a sweeter, more dependable, do-gooder gal on TV? She is loyal, dutifully contributes to society, is socially appropriate, serious, and disciplined. All this points to an SJ, or Security-Seeker. Her full type is likely ISFJ.
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The voice of reason and logic. She is strong-willed, skeptical, achievement-oriented, and as a lawyer, of course great at thinking and solving problems. Miranda is an NT, or Knowledge-Seeker. Her full type is likely INTJ.
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The voice of the series, she is passionate, and focused on finding romance, seeking her true self, trusts her intuition, and devotes her life work, writing, to exploring the personal journeys of herself and those around her, a strong sign of an NF, aka Identity-Seeker. Her full type is likely ENFP.
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*The types of the characters are guessed similarly by several different websites, these aren't just my observations of their letters.

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Anna Jordan said...

Love it love it love it!

Great application of two great loves: SATC and MB!