Tuesday, June 30, 2009

won't you be my neighbor...

She honestly makes me feel like I'm the funniest person in the world. Her laugh is particularly great, its honest and jovial and given with complete abandon.
There's nothing I can't tell her that she won't listen earnestly to, she takes in every word and gives thoughtful feedback.
She is mellow, direct, easygoing, and so much fun. Those are the things I love about her, and she kindly says I'm all those things too, and likes that about me.
She never ceases to make me feel wanted, like I'm not just family but that I add to her life in good ways.
I met her almost four years ago, she was holding her darling little boy and had a sweet husband whose name rhymed with hers. They had just moved into the house next door. I made up a whole story behind them, and I love that I was way off, and that once I heard their actual story I adored them even more.
She lets me ramble, be neurotic, be upset and then gives me a glass of wine and helps me figure it out.
I honestly don't know what my life would be like right now without her.

The other night I gave her the Myers Briggs test. She came out as an ESTP. I was shocked and laughed, telling her that I could see how she was an ESTP but that funnily enough, I've said before that this exact type was my worst romantic match. I read more of the description to her and she said wryly, "Yeah, I would make a really bad boyfriend for you."

She and I and her darling six year old son burst out laughing. Her gorgeous little blonde baby clapped her hands.

Karen may be right about that, but she makes one of the most incredible friends I've ever had.

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