Monday, July 21, 2008

El fin de semana

Things that were reaffirmed for me this weekend...

1. a weekend feels exponentially longer the less sleep you get. also, if you start the craziness on thursday night (i.e. seeing The Dark Knight at midnight) yet still work on friday, when monday morning comes you will feel like you got more bang for your weekend buck. i feel like i'm back in my early twenties.

2. every opportunity to see Coldplay perform must be taken, and their new album is my favorite, which is saying an incredible lot. viva la vida was designed to add euphoria to any meaningful or lovely scene in one's life. it's impossible for you to disagree with me on this.

3. the student loans i'm paying off are worth every penny when i consider the network of friends that my college has set me up with, which continues to be the crowning glory of my life post-graduation.

4. H&M has got it going on.

5. if you are intelligent, a great communicator, and are not only intuitive of your audience but convey goodwill towards them, you will have a powerful presence and a large and loyal following. the idea is applicable in any field, but it's refreshing to see proof of it in the blogosphere.

Lessons learned from the weekend...

1. i need to get a dslr camera if i want to have better photos. and i want to have better photos.

2. twitter is a crazy phenomenon that has some people participating in life with just 3/4 of themselves at best, and i kinda hope we as a society evolve out of this need for constant attention and feedback.

3. if you've been blogging for only a year you are a noob. exhibit a, yours truly.

4. i will always miss living in the dorms. we stayed at the urban house for our girls weekend & conference in the city and i swear it is good for the soul to have a dose of staying with friends in shared & easily accessible rooms and ordering pizza late at night while we read funny stuff out loud.

5. if you dance like no one's watching, people will either: a) watch b) take video/photos of you and possibly wink at you once they finish or c) join in.


emilykatz said...

totally agree on coldplay and the student loans. ahhhh. what a weekend.

you are never aloud to tweet. never.

Lesley Miller said...

As much as I absolutely loved the conference itself... I think that limbo time and pizza were my favorite parts. Thanks for the great laughs and good roomate time. I miss you.

*corinne said...

spontaneous limbo is never a bad idea.
miss you too, lesley. and em.

Megan Stichter said...

H&M does have it going on. Therefore, by deductive reasoning, I've got it going on today.