Monday, March 24, 2008

fresh new talent

Awhile back my mom showed me the website which lets you plug in a person, place, thing or time, and then collects whatever it easily finds from google connected to that item. So you get a wide range of funny, random, and sometimes inexplicably accurate phrases attached to whatever you've typed in. Sometimes the things it comes up with are actually a bit poignant. I think the things that come up for my name are pretty fun...

corinne is a very capable actress
corinne is my little angel
corinne is a quiet farming community located four miles west and one mile north of brigham city
corinne is an americana artist with an arresting voice
corinne is approximately 639
corinne is originally from montreal and has worked on hundreds of television commercials
corinne is too much like her mother
corinne is forced to realize that the real problem she must overcome is growing up
corinne is inspired by the muse
corinne is rapidly becoming one of the hottest sought after women of the next generation of australian comedians
corinne is a must hear
corinne is a board member of the french australian chamber of commerce in sydney
corinne is a jazz aficionado with an exquisite ear
corinne is puzzled with james coldness
corinne is happy that she and james would get back together again
corinne is still there
corinne is a junior journalism major at oswego state and hails from israel
corinne is always friendly and takes that extra time with us to get it just right
corinne is not in the office
corinne is a person who seems to keep herself much to herself and to start with repels james advances on her in the bedroom
corinne is 15
corinne is able to stand up on her own everywhere and she runs
corinne is forbidden by law
corinne is single and living in chicago
corinne is entirely associated with italy
corinne is demonstration of the fact that a classic style will withstand all passing fashions
corinne is his pillar of strength
corinne is a published poet
corinne is the fresh new talent out of sweden on the cool music label
corinne is primarily responsible for serving students from the colleges of business administration and arts and architecture
corinne is one of the most visible and accessible lesbian artists in the world
corinne is an intuitive
corinne is a new girl in town
corinne is looking forward to the upcoming year
corinne is my granddaughter
corinne is a magnet collector extraordinaire
corinne is a junior english major with an economics minor
corinne is dedicated to making your search for a new home a truly enjoyable experience
corinne is a 1998 magna cum laude graduate of notre dame college
corinne is a consummate world traveler who never lost her strong attachment to
corinne is a trailblazing entrepreneur
corinne is not especially patient
corinne is responsible for policy development in alberta and the nwt
corinne is the oldest of three children*
corinne is home to some fine people and fine houses
corinne is making her presence known to the family
corinne is a wholistic health practitioner
corinne is new to us this year
corinne is kind enough to drop by burrito boy to pick up our lunch on her way over to the hotel room
corinne is married to jeff and they have a married daughter
corinne is still highly regarded and sought after both professionally and by her fans

*How'd they know I was the oldest of three children? ;)

What crazy things come up for you?


Lesley Miller said...

What a find Corinne!! So, so fun.

I agree that you have a classic style that suprasses all trends. I do not agree that you are the most visible and accessible lesbian artist in the world. Unless there is something you haven't shared with us?

My first one (and so appropriate to share with you, on your blog) is: Lesley is a prime time hooters girl! NO WAY!! How did it know?!?

*corinne said...

Haha, how appropriate indeed! So funny!

I also like on your list, "lesley is a first class journalist and I commend her to to you without hesitation" as well as "lesley is my bestest best friend."

Calista said...

How'd it know about your magnets?!!