Tuesday, November 27, 2007

They grow up so fast...

The other day Mary's daughter Sable, who is 9, was hanging out in the office for a little while before I came in. Mary was on the phone and Sable wrote this up on the whiteboard.

We weren't sure what prompted Sable to write out her idea of the process of selling real estate, but we loved this little list and have left it up on the board for the past couple weeks. Sable soaks up a lot of information, being the only kid left in her parents' house. I especially love #8, "Shake hands." She also has somehow picked up in #10 that if you sell your primary residence after living in it for two years that you can take away a big portion of the sale tax-free. Hilarious.
As much as she already apparently knows about real estate, this girl is not going to be a realtor, she informed her mom. Even though her initials are S.E.L., as she pointed out, she does not want to "sell" homes! This little ES?J (or so I guess) wants to be a veterinarian. Cute.


Lesley Miller said...

Laughed out loud, twice, at this post. She's adorable. That list belongs in some type of chicken soup book. Hilarious.

Anna Quinlan said...

Also laughed out loud. First because I read the list before I read the actual post, and I thought it was the result of some sort of 'get back to basics' brainstorming session between you and Mary. It would be a fun social experiment to have other kids write out lists of what they think their parent's jobs entail. I heart lists (such a 'J' right?).