Tuesday, February 17, 2009

In Preparation...

- I downloaded the entire Alpinisms album from School of Seven Bells to be part of my travel soundtrack

- I got my "travel business cards" in the mail, complete with a black and white silhouette of a drive through the trees, my contact info, and a quote on the back:
"You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore..." Andre Bide

- I'm setting up a skype account

-I'm trying on the outfits I plan to bring to feel them out, see if they will cover all the bases from beachwalks to city treks to hostel hangouts

- I'm tabbing my guidebook like a maniac

- I'm sitting with Christen and getting our last discussion of life and people and happenings in before I'm gone for some weeks, the smell of dinner being cooked for us is wafting in through the door

- I'm tutoring extra to make up for the time I'll be gone... tonight it was a discussion of the years between the world wars and the great depression

- I'm getting more excited. The photos, the guidebooks, conversations with family, packing the sweet backpack I'm using, photocopying my passport... the departure is near!


Lesley Miller said...


Have a blast. I can't wait to see pictures and hear all about it!

SportsFan's Daughter said...

Bon Voyage! I'm guessing by the fact that you're packing a "sweet backpack" that you don't need to borrow mine anymore, but let me know if there are any other travel ecoutrements that I might be able to lend. Want to stop in for a quick glass of wine tonight to tell me what you're most excited for?

*corinne said...

Thanks Lesley!

Anna, the sweet backpack IS your backpack! I got it from Shane on Monday. It is the best.

I'd love to see you for some wine... I'll call you this afternoon about that.


Kristine said...

I can't believe you're going to NZ for two weeks (two weeks right?). I can't wait to hear all about it and see your incredible pics. Be safe! Have an amazing time! Do something (a little) crazy!

Josh Stichter said...

Stoked. Arooh!