Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Rainy Night In

I walked him to the door and opened it, letting in the cool and wet night air. He turned and looked down at me with a wide smile.
"Thanks for helping me arrange my furniture," I said.
"Thanks for helping me with my essay," he replied. A pause.
"We make a good team," he added.

I nodded with a grin. "See you tomorrow..."

He turned to start down the winding pebble-filled pathway that leads away from my new front door. The tree that shadows my front step hung wet branches down, and he ducked to avoid them. The landscaping lights threw circular patterns of beams along each curve of the path, looking a little like pools of water that had each just had a stone thrown in to create a ripple effect. As he walked away he looked back and said, "God natt, Corinne."

I walked inside and shut the door. Looked around. There was still some unpacking to do, but I truly already felt like I was at home. All my familiar things were out and in prominent places... my cute white mirror, my little loveseat with the brown and cream print cover, the portrait of my mom when she was a teenager that I got for Christmas, my beloved Mac, the candle-holder made from a wine barrel plank from my uncle, my seafoam green silk pillows...

I climbed up the tall wooden ladder to my loft, slid into my big cozy bed, and read a little bit before I fell asleep to the beat of the rain on the skylight.

I'm in love with this place.

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SportsFan's Daughter said...


loved seeing the place and all your loved ones that you fill it with.

heart (again).