Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Chopping Wood

Is there any personality type out there that does not feel refreshed from a little time in the country? Where your nearest neighbor is a quarter mile away at least... where it is so beautiful that no matter how many times you've seen this landscape, it never gets old... where the internet has never been connected... where you actually have to watch out for bears... where you chop your own firewood from the forest around you...

I know some types would be more likely to always want to live this way, others could handle it for a weekend and no more. I'm tempted to lay out my guesses right now, but maybe you could guess who might like what more on your own. But I feel like almost everyone can gain a little perspective and rest and peace from a time like I just had up in Oregon for a few days with my dad's side of the family.

*view from my Grandma's porch that is done no justice by my camera...the mountains in the distance are snow-capped.

*met these llamas on a hike past the neighbors' farm. they all stared at me the entire time i was near them. a little disconcerting.

*wandering around in some favorite forest spots with my dad and brother (who got this shot from his phone).

It's good to get away from this SB paradise and remember that it's not just the sea that pleases my eye. I think I could be happy living anywhere if I had some people to love and scenery to enjoy. But also maybe a fun cafe in which to play on my Mac. Yes, I think that's it.


Calista said...

Your brother looks a lot like a dog.

*corinne said...

i won't tell him you said that.